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Barbara Toohill

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Tonight we continue with our 25 Women in Leadership series, a chance to honor the women in our community who go above and beyond either on the job, 
or in serving their community. Nominations came in from you, the public.  

Tonight, we introduce you to Barbara Toohill. Here she is, in her own words:

"My name is Barbara Toohill. I am a Clinical Psychologist and one of the owners at the Antioch Group. What really got me passionate about psychology and about counseling was this opportunity to blend the art and science of the field. Every person who walks in has their own story. Turning those clinical skills into something that is completely individualized feels like a creative process, and I'm helping them create something different in their lives, in their world. Moving from being an employee into ownership my focus had to widen out and just trying to be available and approachable. In that sense I think people feel like they can come to me with questions or concerns that they have and that I will take the time with them to hear them out."

The 17th annual 25 Women in Leadership luncheon will be held at the Paradice Hotel & Casino on September 7th. The luncheon begins  at 11:30 a.m. 
Tickets may be reserved by calling 309-698-3728.

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