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Holly Fisher

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My name is Holly Fisher and I'm the Director of Sales for Petersen Hotels.

I've actually been in the hospitality industry for 23 years. I've been with the Petersen Hotel Group for 10 years, and have loved every bit of it. I think a good leader has to have passion. They have to love what they do, they have to enjoy what they do. They have to have integrity. They have to have respect from their team members in order to lead properly.

I think it's important to have passion for what you do, and I have passion for what I do. I love what I do. I believe in it. I'm confident in it. It's wonderful to be part of a team. Our team is amazing here and it keeps me wanting to come to work every single day, because they all share the passion that I share, and I think that's what creates a really good team.

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