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Schools consider merger

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Two local school districts are looking at combining forces

Roanoke-Benson and Eureka are talking merger.

The districts held a joint school board meeting Monday night at Eureka high's auditorium.

Both have been dealing with declining enrollment numbers in recent years.

"We have talked about consolidation or other types of reorganization and whether or not there is room for shared resources between our two school districts," said Rohn Peterson, Superintendent at Roanoke-Benson.

"We both wanted to seek long term options for our school districts and one of those options is consolidation so we are interested to see if it's an option for our districts," Bob Bardwell, Superintendent of Eureka schools said.

Another factor in the Eureka and Roanoke-Benson discussion is the uncertain state funding situation.

Roughly two dozen people attended Monday's  meeting.

The study will run until December to assess the feasibility of combining the districts.

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