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All Families Day

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There are some folks who were celebrating a new holiday over the weekend, all families day at  the Peoria Playhouse Children's Museum.. 

"I think a  lot of museums including children's museums are now making more effort to make sure that children see other people that look like them.  so maybe if there's a same sex familiy or you're adopted you get to see other children and other families that look like that as well," said Peoria Playhouse Museum Spokesperson Courtney Baxter.

Same sex parents Katie and Jeannie jones brought their four children to the event, Katie even read a book to families.

"They don't always get to participated in daddy daughter dances or dad's doughnuts or what have you.  So we have wonderful grandparents and friends but this really made our family special", she said.

"Only a few people could participated in this and I was happy we could," said Katie's daughter Lillianna Jones.

This is an example of something that we can do and we feel very blessed," said Jeannie Jones, Katie's partner.

Angela and Bob Bonjour are working on a family tree with their adopted son Zander.

"They just had a lot of activities for the children to do and for the whole family to participate in.  So it's been a lot of fun to get to do things with the family," she said.

The all families day is part of the museum's celebrate Peoria Program.

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