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Dog disco in Pottstown

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Some proud pet owners brought their furry friends for their own version of dancing with the stars on Sunday.
Some of them traveled from as far away as Wisconsin and Ohio to compete in the annual Dawg Days Disco in Pottstown.  The stars in the competition were the dogs who had fancy foot steps choreographed along with their pet owner.    Judi Gullickson, her dog Sophie and Sharon Grant with her golden retreiver River were among the contestants in the freestyle competition. 

"A lot of the practice is yourself, learning your dance, your moves yourself, so you can tell the dog a split second before they're supposed to do it, and then you practice with the dog.  you cannot practice too much," she said.
sharon grant/contestant.

"River's been competing for two years.  but we've been doing tricks since he was six months old, so he's been pretty much training all his life," Grant said.

The two day  event was held at the obedience training center. 

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