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Rally hosted in Peoria after Charlottesville, VA clashes

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In Central Illinois, the Charlottesville, Virginia clashes have spurred local support in the form of a unity rally in downtown Peoria Saturday afternoon.

About 20 people gathered outside of the Peoria Civic Center, waving signs condemning the actions of white nationalist groups in Virginia as well as urging people to come together in unity in the River City.

The rally was organized by Change Peoria, a civil activist group. The organizer says he hopes instead of division, the vents in Virginia bring people closer together. 

"It's very important that we don't just sit by and let this happen," explained Doug Johnson of Change Peoria, "because the longer we continue to sit idly by, the more normalized these kind of events will become. And that can't happen."

Change Peoria has said they plan on having more events in the coming days, and were happy with the turnout for such a spur-of-the-moment rally. 

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