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Students prepare for the school year

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PEORIA, Ill (HOI) -- -

Peoria Public Schools start August 16th which means back to school is just around the corner. The aisles  of some stores like Walmart are  filled with people stocking up with supplies for the upcoming year. 

Katelyn Curry is a student at Bradley University. She said, "I basically kinda plan pretty much off of the classes that I have. I get at least one binder one notebook and a whole lot of extra random paper."

Some grade schools have given out lists that are two pages long.  
Discount stores advertise their prices to be lower than other stores but for families with multiple children the numbers still add up. We asked some shoppers how much they're spending.

Some replied with, "Over one hundred." and "I want to stay under 75 complete."

One shopper said their plan is to knock items off the list as fast as they can. 

Walmart employee, Ryan Ballard said, "This week with district 150 going back next week it's going to be a really busy weekend."

long lines and crowds are expected for the next several close to the start of school.

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