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Lisa Schwab

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Lisa is the owner and a licensed clinical professional counselor at Whole Life Solutions, LLC in Peoria and Pathways Counseling Solutions, LLC in Galesburg. It can be said that there is no one better to help others than someone who has actually gone through difficult times themselves and this applies to Lisa. Lisa’s childhood was molded by her parent’s addictions, mental illness, violence, and growing up in extreme poverty.

Lisa Schwab however is a success story. She rose up and earned her master’s degree and now owns her own practices where she has helped countless families throughout Central Illinois. She specializes in assisting children and adults who are victims of or subject to the most horrendous crimes and traumatic experiences. She leads people of all ages and walks of life back to a life of wholeness.

Lisa has worked as an advocate for suicide prevention. She helped to establish the first Teen Screen computerized suicide assessment for Teens in the area. Lisa also helped in the initial creation of Whitney’s Walk to raise money for suicide prevention programs. Lisa never forgets about the children of the community as well and helped to establish the Kick Abuse at Kickapoo 5k run to raise awareness and funding for medical needs of abused and neglected children. Lisa has truly made a difference in the lives of others.

Let’s welcome Lisa to our 25 Women in Leadership.

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