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Lawmakers continue talks about Senate Bill One

Even if kids successfully get to school... how long will the doors be open?

It's a real dilemma some schools are facing without a state education funding plan in place. 

As we've previously reported, the Governor used an amendatory veto on Senate Bill 1, better known as the school funding bill. 

Now some state lawmakers are urging their colleagues to override the Governor again. 

Two sponsors of the bill were in Peoria Wednesday talking with Superintendents about what this all could mean.

"And the thought that something like a bill in the legislature would interrupt that, it makes me angry as a mom, as a educator, and as a tax payer in this community.," said Elizabeth Derry, the Regional Superintendent.

"I'm not totally convinced that the Governor thoroughly understands school funding and finance. I also have a distinct impression that he's just winging it," said Rolf Sivertsen, the Superintendent of Canton Schools.

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