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Schools prepare to reopen

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Summer vacation is quickly coming to an end for many students.  Many schools reopen next week.  

Authorities want drivers to slow down especially in school zones.   Even though the speed limit is 30 in the city and 20 in school zones many drivers are moving much faster.   I spoke with Peoria Public School's Chief Safety Officer Demario Boone.  He says many of the district's students are walking to school.  
Some schools have signs posted warning drivers to slow down, they also have crossing guards.  Trewyn School on Peoria's South side will for the first time have new sidewalks around the building, designated drop off areas for parents bringing their kids to school and handicap parking.   The principal says with all of the infrastructure changes made over the summer she's not as worried about students being safe this year as she has in the past.

Peoria Public Schools safety chief is warning drivers about stopping when they see the stop arm extended on a bus.  Chief Demario Boone says they're working with Peoria Police to crack down on violators.  He says bus drivers have also be instructed to copy the license plates of drivers who refuse to stop when a bus is picking up or dropping off students.   For those caught the fines start at $200 dollars. 

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