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2016 tourism generated $16 million in local tax money

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PEORIA, Ill. (WEEK) -- -

A spike in tourism in Illinois leads to a five percent increase in tax revenue.

The Peoria Area Convention and Visitor's Bureau says over sixteen million in local tax revenue was created as result of the spike.

"We're known for our hometown hospitality and big city amenities," said Cara Allen, Marketing Communications Director for the Peoria Area Convention & Visitors Bureau.

The Illinois Office of Tourism says travel expenditures reached $37.9 billion in 2016; the Peoria area accounted for $680 million of that.

Convention and Visitor's Bureau President and C.E.O. Don Welch is thankful for those who are spending the money, from near and far.

"It's the people coming into the state to stay in the hotels, eat in the restaurants, shop in our shops. It's people from outside the Peoria area -- our eight counties that are coming into the area to visit, to go to meetings, to go to conventions or just to come in for a weekend of fun," said Welch.

Allen agreed, also crediting those who make it happen, saying they make the hospitable, welcoming community a reality.

This year's local tax revenue is up 5%, and with a continually growing list of events and programs in the works, the bureau expects the upward trend to continue.

"I see us growing and you can see it in the news everyday. So five to ten years i expect, just amazing things," said Allen.

Of the $680 million $344 million was spent in Peoria County, $198 million in Tazewell County,and $16 million was spent in Woodford County.

Also in central Illinois, McLean County accounts for $359 million dollars spent in 2016.

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