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DUI and self-harm, potentially deadly combo

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There are new updates in Thursday night's crash at an intersection in Kickapoo.

We're learning more about Ramonah Alford, the suspect police say t-boned a Peoria County deputy Thursday.

Police records show the 40-year-old has been pulled over for driving under the influence three times in Peoria County.

Peoria County Sheriff Brian Asbell said what makes the situation worse, is that family members told police Alford showed signs of self harm.

Asbell calls this type of scenario a recipe for disaster.

"Drinking and driving or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol while operating a motor vehicle is dangerous enough in itself; and when you throw in the situation where someone is looking for self harm, it's extremely dangerous to everyone on the road," said Asbell.

He's thankful Thursday night's crash wasn't worse.

Still police say the suspect was under the influence of alcohol and other substances.

"We were called to this by a family member who lives with her, who explained the situation where she has ingested a large amount of pills and wanted to hurt herself," said Asbell.

Josh Barnewolt was watching the crash as it happened. He said he heard a large boom and he saw the police car lurching across the street.

Meanwhile, sheriff Asbell says there's another lesson to be learned.

"When someone's on the road and they're operating a vehicle you don't know what their true intentions are," said Asbell.

Still asbell says we can always do our best to keep ourselves and others safe.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction or suicidal thoughts, Asbell said officials like law enforcement and social service agencies are there to help.

Asbell says the woman will likely get prison time since she's had multiple DUI offenses.

She was taken to the hospital Thursday night due to the pills she had ingested.

Illinois state police arrested Alford today at her home, she was taken to the Peoria County jail.

As for the sheriff's deputy, his injuries were mainly back, neck and muscle related.

He is recovering at home.

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