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New entrance at Springdale Cemetery

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Peoria's historic Springdale Cemetery has had it's share of challenges over the past decade or so.  But  Peoria city along with other governmental agencies are celebrating a milestone at Springdale Cemetery.   On Friday they dedicated a new front entrance.

Springdale Cemetery General Manager Mark  Matuszak says three years ago the Prospect Avenue  entrance didn't quite have the historic charm that had been associated with the facility.  So using pictures from the old entrance on Perry he recreated a $250,000. entrance on Prospect. 
Mark  Matuszak/Springdale Cemetery

"The intent was to replicate that historic nature, they've done a great job." he said.
Matuszak now describes Springdale Cemetery as in the best shape he's seen it.    That's a far departure from when it had been neglected in the late nineties.

"There were bad times.  I admit it.  But when's the last time you heard anything bad.  We've worked very had to dispel all of the bad," he said.
Matuszak says the intergovernmental agreement established several years ago was vital to preserving Springdale's future.

 Under the agreement Peoria County, the city and Park District combine to contribute $350,000 dollars each year to help maintain the historic cemetery.  One former Springdale board chair credits Matuszak with the vision. 

"He was a driving force the idea of the new entrance was his vision, his project.  He was the compelling the reason why it's even there," said Bob Manning.

Matuszak says other plans are in the works for Springdale expanding it's creamation garden among other things.

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