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Alternatives for Public Schooling

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PEORIA, Ill (HOI) -- -

Education funding here in Illinois had us wondering if alternative schooling might see a jump in enrollment. Those we talked to aren't seeing much change.

There are options for parents who are concerned about the state of Illinois' school funding. Private and home schooling are two options some parents are using. 

We talked to some moms who meet once a week to home-school their kids. 

Catherine brown home schools with the Peoria Secular Home school Co-op.
She said, "We moved out here 5 years ago and because of my husband's job we don't think that we'll be in any one place for very long so home schooling we can pretty much take where every we go."

These moms say the only other co-ops in Peoria were religious affiliated so they started their own secular co-op, using Facebook.

Mary Kuester also home schools with Peoria Secular Home school Co-op and she said,
"I want to show them more. I want them to see the world more. I want them to be exposed to so many things and it's hard to get that exposure when you're in a classroom." 

The other alternative, private school, may come at an extra price, but the principal of Notre Dame High School, Randy Simmons, says it's worth it.
"Academically we do really well. All of our kids go to college, and we score very high on the ACT. So I think those are the expectations that our parents have and it's our job to come through with those expectations."

Peoria Notre Dame reported consistent enrollment numbers but  I'm told they did lose a few families because of caterpillar's move. 

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