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"Night Out Against Crime " in Central Illinois

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PEORIA, Ill (HOI) -- -

People in communities across the country will join police in the annual "National Night Out Against Crime".

In June, Peoria Police Chief Jerry Mitchell said Peoria had been seeing an uptick in violence that had been going on since January. 

Chief Mitchell attributed the increase in violence due to the large number of guns police confiscated, 144.

So far there have been six homicides this year. 

The city went the entire month of July without a murder, although there were 8 shootings.

Mitchell said violence is down due to a focus on identifying and locking up repeat offenders.

"The conversation is pretty frank.  We know you're responsible for some of these shootings. We're here to tell you here's your choice walk away from it or you're gonna deal with us," said Mitchell. 

Chief Mitchell said that there have been 38 shootings since January in Peoria, the third lowest year to date. 

He said in 2010 when crime was at a peak there were about 80 shootings by this time of year. 

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