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Schock attorneys seek to have case closed on prosecutor misconduct claims

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URBANA, Ill. (WEEK) -- -

The attorneys for former U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Peoria) argued Tuesday his federal corruption case should be tossed for prosecutorial misconduct.

In a 90-page filing, Schock's lawyers alleged prosecutors misled or intimidated key witnesses and a federal grand jury on numerous occasions. Allegations include recruiting a staffer to act as an informant and take documents from Schock's office, interfering with attorney-client relationships and asking irrelevant questions about Schock's sexual orientation and relationships. 

"The government has investigated nearly every facet of Mr. Schock’s professional, political, and personal life. This even includes his sex life. It is no secret that there has long been speculative gossip in the media about Mr. Schock’s sexual orientation," the defense stated in the filing. "For no apparent reason, the government has felt itself compelled to investigate this too. Indeed, from the very inception of this investigation, the government has discussed with witnesses whether Mr. Schock is gay, whether he really 'dated' his ex-girlfriend (a highly-accomplished diplomat and attorney), and whether he spent the night or shared hotel rooms with her."

Defense attorneys also argued witnesses before the grand jury weren't shown the entire record in an attempt to mislead the jurors. Attorneys also asked for a hearing to determine if Schock's Fifth Amendment rights were violated by the prosecution. 

Schock resigned in 2015 as questions grew about his spending of campaign money. 

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