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Meet Draego, the newest member of the Avon police force

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AVON, Ill. (WEEK) -

Police in Avon said they're rethinking the war on drug use in their town of just over 750 people.

"We're starting to see an increase of users in the area. We're starting to see paraphernalia on some of our playgrounds and things of that natures to let us know they are becoming more evident," said Bill Garrison with the Avon police. 

"It's a growing problem. It's kind of escalated in the last half decade. We're a small force, we can't afford full time," said Mayor John Young.

And with only nine part time officers on patrol they often have to call the county to step in for narcotics cases 

"We're kind of like in the no man's land in the county. With the majority of the calls the sheriff's department has they're so far from us that when we do look for assistance, they are more than willing to assist but sometimes we have a time-delay to get them here," added Garrison.

They decided to look into a K-9 dog. 

But with a small budget the town's council wasn't sure how to make it happen. 

"State grants forget it they're dried up. Federal grants, depending on the category you are looking for, it's going to depend on if there is any money or not," said Young.

So, Officer Bill Garrison invested over $10,000 of his own money to bring home Draego. 

"The town deserves it, it really does," said Garrison.

The past few weeks have been filled with bonding time and basic commands.

Soon he'll undergo scent training, and earn his badge. 

Now before Draego is able to take the "in training" off his badge there are still a few things he needs to do. 

The force needs to get a K-9 vehicle for him to run around in and he also needs to be certified.

His bullet proof vest has been donated along with the materials for his kennel. 

The mayor also pledges his yearly stipend to help take care of Draego's expenses as long as he's in office.

When Draego is finally ready to begin his patrols the bill will be around $15,000.

If you'd like to help contribute to funding his training you can donate money to the city in Draego's name, or head to his page by clicking here.

He also has a Facebook Page, and you can visit by clicking here. 

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