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Washington preps for boil order in effect tomorrow

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Expect the unexpected in Washington over the next few days due to a boil order that gets underway Tuesday.

The city's replacing an old check valve gone bad and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency requires a boil order to be issued as a precautionary measure.

That means water for cooking or drinking needs to be boiled for at least five minutes before being consumed. 

"It does not happen often. It's a once in a while thing. It's probably been about 25 years since this valve's been in," said Tim Randell,Water Treatment Plant Supervisor

But we found people and business owners were already preparing on Monday.

"We're going to put little signs on the faucets so the kids know not to use the water at home. It'll be an inconvenience but it's only a few days so hopefully we'll make it through alright," said Melissa Donze, Washington resident. 

One shopkeeper tells us she's turning off the soda and ice machines, in addition to the freezer.

 "We are bagging ice to make shaved ice. We are turning off our soda machine, ice machine, freezer machine. We'll just have to tell them that it's the boil order so we're unable to use our carbonation or water at this time, " said Holland's Mercantile staffer Makayla Hartter.

The borders of the boil order follow Nofsinger to the north, Debel road to the east, Guth road to the south and School street to the west. 

The order is expected to last at least 3 days, assuming there are no complications. 

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