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A farm that gives back to the community

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With all this warm weather we've been having one local gardening expert tells us some sunshine and compost can go a long way.

He's living proof, after two years he's taken a small piece of land and made it into something pretty spectacular. 

What started as a community garden is now flourishing into an urban farm, that gives back. 

Founder Jonathan Anderton went through master Gardner school to grow his green thumb and bring it to life, right here in Peoria. 

"We've had several people donate. We've had a number of produce that was donated from Illinois hydroponics and also from the master Gardner group here in Peoria," says Jonathan Anderton.

This non profit organization through the University of Illinois Extension has one purpose, to engage the community and expand gardening knowledge

Teaching people the in's and out's of gardening is the purpose of this farm but it's what they do with the produce that makes it special. 

"right now we have a little bit that we take home to the family and pretty much the rest of it we give away. We've traveled as far as Bloomington to give some things away," says Jonathan Anderton. 

All of their produce is naturally grown, in organic practice , completely chemical free. 

This summer they have over one hundred tomato plants, corn, green beans and this fall they're growing pumpkins with the kids. 

"every time were out there there's kids running by asking what were doing and how to grow things. I just enjoy it. It's a passion of mine and its developed to help people in the area." 

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