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Weekend events in Peoria for all ages to enjoy

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Most of the activities this weekend are  low cost-- or free. 

Got a taste for the wild? Saturday and Sunday, you can have breakfast with Peoria's Zoo reptiles. And while you dine,  you'll get an  education on snakes, armadillos, tortoises, and more.

"We want to share the message about all of our animals, not just our big wow animals,. so, the reptiles and the prime-mate breakfast those are those are really just getting the education out about animals that people don't often think about those being just as amazing because they're small," said Heather Maughan. 

Many of these business and organizations are having these events to promote economic growth in the city. 

And even giving a charitable donation to St. Jude is on the agenda. They're preparing for it's biggest fundraiser-- the Shrimp and Corn Boil at  Itoo Hall Sunday, 

St. Jude is hoping to raise over 30-thousand dollars by selling dinner plates. 

"It's a great way to support st. Jude because these families need your help. They're in the toughest times in their lives and St. Jude is finding cure and saving children," said St. Jude board member Mike Joseph. 

Another place to be on Saturday is the "Wildlife Prairie Park" concert series. 3 and a Half  Men will be performing and admission is only $5.

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