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Is it still shopping if they drop off the goods at your front door?

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Convenience has never been more attainable for the busy parents out there, or for those that struggle to get around. 

"So we have shoppers that are trained on picking the freshest produce going around y'all getting to the exact item and I'll communicate with the customer when something is out of stock. To make sure the customers getting what they want," says Ameed Mallick with Instacart.

If you sign up today, Schnucks delivers your food, that you choose online, for free,  for a full year on orders over 35 dollars. 

That's for stores in Peoria, Pekin, Bloomington and Normal.

Don't worry, if you're unhappy you get a full refund.

"I prefer to touch my products and approve stuff to make sure it's what I want and I do order stuff on the Internet but those are solid items. Like I don't buy clothes on the Internet I don't buy food on the Internet," says Richard Molina, a shopper. 

"I think it's nice I think it's awesome why I have kids convenience. Just pick up the phone and say hey this is what I need you can't do better," says Ramona Harmon, a shopper.

If you're worried about young ones ordering alcohol, there are rules in place. 

"If you order a bunch of groceries and a bunch of beer and someone who's not 21 is there will give you the groceries and will take the beer back," say Ameed Mallick with Instacart. 

If you miss the deadline to sign up for the free year, they deliver for $5.99 per order.

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