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East Peoria woman warns parents about deadly social media challenge

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The recent suicide of a Texas teen is being linked to a deadly social media movement. It's called the,'Blue Whale Challenge.'

Leah Neiman is a mom and full-time blogger who provides advice for raising kids with healthy social media tips on social media use. Now she's turning parents' attention to the dangerous online challenge.  The 'Blue Whale Challenge' spans several social media outlets.

Neiman says teens join by hash-tagging the name on their posts-- then an anonymous administrator eventually contacts the teen with daily challenges for 50 days.

On the 11th day, participants are asked to carve a whale on their hand with a razor. And the last day, reports say some teens are asked to take their own life. 

"The challenge isn't happening on Instagram publicly. It's happening behind the scenes through the messaging. So, the tasks are given to their child through messaging privately. That's really why they are able to weed out and why the administrators haven't been caught," said Neiman. 

Neiman says she encourages parents to monitor their kids' social media. And if your child is involved in the game, these are the warning signs: talks of suicide, giving away valuables, plus signs of depression and withdrawal. 

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