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Battle lines being drawn again in Springfield

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Even though a state budget is finally in place, some are still wondering if Illinois schools will in fact open  on time.  There's another big battle brewing between Governor Rauner and the state legislature.  This time, it's about the school funding formula.

Earlier this spring, the Illinois House and Senate both approved an education reform bill intended to bring poorer school districts a fair share of state funding.  The old plan relied on property taxes, so less wealthy areas didn't get as much money per student.  Governor Rauner has said he supports equitable funding but has also said he would veto the bill. 

"The key is communication.  I've talked several times to Speaker Madigan, President Cullerton, the governor.  Hopefully the communication will bring about a resolution," said Bloomington State Senator Bill Brady. 

Governor Rauner calls the education reform bill another bailout for Chicago Public Schools at the expense of other districts.  

"The issue is always Chicago.  There's some compromises that have to be made.  I'm not totally satisfied with the bill.   You know what you've got a lot of legislators from Chicago who are trying to deliver to for their constituents just like I'm trying to deliver for my constituents," said Peoria State Senator Dave Koehler.

Bloomington State Senator Jason Barickman accuses Democrats of playing tricks.

"We need an honest broker among Democrats.  We need to know that if they sit at the table with us they negotiate an agreement that they won't do what they did with the budget, which is come to an agreement one night then turn the corner and to in a different direction the next day," he said.

With schools set to reopen in about a month both sides appear to be digging in and it looks like the house and senate could be on their way towards another vote on whether to override another Rauner veto. 

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