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Trewyn School gets facelift outside

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Despite the state's past budget woes and backlog of unpaid bills, one local school will be looking better next month.

Ever since Trewyn School closed in late May crews have been busy.

"It's an old part of town, it's been neglected for a long time, so all the improvements that we're doing there to address situations will be very helpful," said Peoria Public Works Engineer Bill Lewis.

A repaved road, sidewalks, and more will adorn the area in front of Trewyn school when the doors reopen next month.  Trewyn Principal Renee Andrews says a concrete tabletop in front of the school will help slow down traffic.

"Our roads were in disarray and it was a little dangerous in front of our building when the students were getting released from school, no signage to encourage people to slow down," she said.

The $1.1 million dollar improvement project came from city funds and also brings new sidewalks.

"I think it's more safe for the children to be able to come through this area and not have to worry about anything harmless coming their way," said Resident Alecia Collins.

Construction crews will work everyday, despite the rain to make sure it's finished in time for the fall semester.

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