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Peoria bartender warned over internal ticket lab

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PEORIA, Ill (HOI) -- -

A local bartender was warned after a note he or she made on an internal ticket received hundreds of shares on Facebook. 

The ticket labeled customers dining at Richard's on Main Saturday night as "Blk Couple." 

The owners of Richard's on Main said the internal ticket was not meant for customers to see, and said it is against their policy to label customers by race or other characteristics.

They issued the following statement Monday:

"On Saturday night we were busy, had a lot of to go orders. The only black couple that placed a to go order paid for it and said they were going to wait for it in the basement. In a innocent moment in an effort to remind himself who got what to go food, the bartender made a note on the internal ticket.  The same internal ticket which no customer would or should ever see was photographed by an employee against company policy and he sent it to a friend, also against company policy.  The friend, not the customer then posted to social media a misleading story. The bartender has been cautioned it is not company policy to describe customers by color, size, sex etc."

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