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Shortage of rain causing crop issues for local farmers

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It's no secret that we've had a shortage of rain here in the heart of Illinois recently.

Some of our local corn and soybean growers have been struggling through these abnormally dry conditions.     

No need to panic. This is not an extreme condition.

However, our meteorologists say summertime thunderstorms can dump inches of rain on one field and leave one next door completely dry. 

One local farmer says she has a smaller harvest this year because of the lack of rain fall.

"our green bean crop is not coming as early as we planned on and the beans itself are smaller in size and that our corn in a little later," says Brandi Ferretti from garden spot vegetable farm.

Ferretti says that she has some luck.

Her crops that thrive without rain, such as, squash and onions, it would be enough to keep them going. 

Our storm team will keep you up to date with the latest on the forecast. 

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