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Illinois has a budget, it comes with a income tax increase

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The stress for many Illinois residents continues. 

Yes, we have a budget but we also have a 32% income tax increase.

The senate and the house overrode Governor Rauner's veto to the budget. 

Local law makers are pushing forward to figure out what's next. 

Republican State Representative Dan Brady did not vote for the override. 

He claims even with the tax increase the revenue won't be enough to fix our state's money problem. 

State Rep Jehan Gordon-Booth says they were in desperate need for a budget, 

"I'm a citizen so my family is also going to have to pay a higher tax, but we have to think about the fact that the option is either do what we had to do today or we had to be willing to allow our state to become, one junk status which would be the first in the nation. We would have schools that would not be opening up in less than five weeks," says democratic State Rep Jehan Gordon-Booth.

She continued saying that she agrees with individuals that do not want to pay a higher income tax, and that if there was another way to come to a budget without raising taxes, lawmakers would have chosen that.

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