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Two charged in East Peoria woman's murder

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A woman's biological daughter is one of two people now charged with her murder. 

22-year-old Christine Roush and 20-year-old Matthew Isbell of Washington face first degree murder charges in the stabbing death of Teresa Poehlman, 47, of East Peoria. Poehlman's body was found July 2 on a nature trail in Funks Grove, several miles southwest of Bloomington. 

Poehlman's family said she had recently gone to the Bloomington area to meet with Roush. Roush was interviewed by detectives in the beginning of the investigation and denied any involvement. The McLean County State's Attorney said Roush never reported her mother missing.

During a recorded interview, Isbell said he witnessed the murder he claimed was planned and committed by Roush. Isbell also described the clothes both were wearing at the time. The state's attorney said his description was confirmed by surveillance video. 

A search of Roush's bag led to the discovery of the shirt she was wearing during the murder. Police found the shirt described by Isbell, stained with blood. 

Isbell also said a third person was involved in the planning and cover-up of Poehlman's murder. The potential third suspect has been seen on surveillance video with Rosch, but has yet been arrested. 

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