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Mobile Mounts debuted at Dozer Park

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PEORIA, Ill (HOI) -- -

If you're going to catch a game at Dozer Park, you may notice some new additions to the seatbacks. 
These are Mobile Mounts, and they're a new invention by a pair of Peoria men. The mounts basically act as cupholders for your cell phone, and were funded by the Greater Peoria Keystart Grant. 

Co-founder of the Mobile Mount, Andrew Hoerr, said,  "This has been a milestone that we've been looking forward to for, for months. And when we won that Keystart Grant...we basically got to say check the boxes on all the things we had on the list that were gonna cost us money."

Keystart contestants have to attend classes and present a pitch to judges. The mobile mounts will generate revenue with ad space. 

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