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Getting muddy for St, Jude

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Kids from all across the Heart of Illinois had the perfect excuse to jump in a puddle of mud earlier today, it was for St. Jude.

The 6th annual Kids' Muddy Madness was held in Morton.

The race was a blast for kids who got to run through mountains of bubbles, bounce between gumballs and end the race in a huge pit of mud.

One kid said it was fun and hard, but he would do it again.

"I think the best thing for me is when the little kids walk up with a bag of change and say, 'I am doing this for my friend,' and they are so excited," said Christy Howell, Co-Chair, Kids' Muddy Madness.

Officials with St. Jude say with this years turnout and all the donations they've received, they're on track to raise more than 90 thousand dollars.

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