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Concerns of safety on campus arise amid U of I scholar investigation

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Almost a month after the disappearance of University of Illinois scholar Yingying Zhang, many questions are still unanswered.
Not only has the campus and the surrounding city of Champaign received extra scrutiny during the investigation, but other college towns in Illinois are also left wondering if their campus security should be heightened.

Universities may be concerned that international students will be discouraged from enrolling in Illinois schools following the Zhang case.  Although tensions are high while police continue to search for missing U of I student Yingying Zhang, other schools in Illinois are remaining calm and vigilant.

Eric Jome, Director of Media Relations at ISU, said, "Situations like the student at U of I just serve as another reminder that we do need to remain vigilant, if we see something, report it, if we see suspicious activity, or if we were a witness to a crime, to report that."

It comes down to safety in the surrounding community, and throughout campus. One ISU student who has lived in the area for almost four years says the community is close knit, and being on campus feels like home, 

Kody Smith, who is an ISU Student, said, "If you worry too much about what's going on, you're not going to enjoy yourself. Just try to be safe whenever you go places, and be smart."

Illinois Crime Stoppers is still looking for information about Zhang's kidnapping, investigators in the case say they do not believe she is still alive. 

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