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Governor Rauner vetoes tax increase and budget bills

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After approving the house 39 billion dollar budget proposal and 32 percent income tax increase senate members quickly went into caucus.  Two members who voted against the proposals say Democrats are still not open to Governor Rauner's  reforms. 

"A lot of folks would like to see this tax increase go into place because we know the dynamic of our state now.  But very few of them feel that we should have this tax increase without the reforms the governor is asking for," said Peoria area State Senator Chuck Weaver. 

Rauner wants reform of the state pension and workers comp programs and a property tax freeze.   Senator Jason Barickman says Democrats are not working across the aisle. 
"The reality is it's time for bipartisan solutions.  There's three paths a Democrat path, a Republican path, there's one that's a bipartisan solution.  What we're seeing today is that the Democrats are continuing to advance their priorities", he said.

State Senator Dave Koehler disagrees.

"This is a big deal cause we've been two years waiting for a budget and we've been spending money like we had 39 billion dollars coming in because that's what the consent decrees from all the courts have done.  It's put us on a spending path we can't sustain" he said. 

While it looked like the end might be near for the budget crisis the indications are that the fight is far from over

On  Monday more than a dozen Republicans broke rank with Governor Rauner and supported the house budget proposal and tax increase.  But with the fear of more backlash it's unclear they will will have those numbers again.  

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