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Roadwork may end June 30th, due to state budget crisis

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Major road projects across Illinois may come to a halt next week if the state legislature can't resolve the ongoing budget crisis.

The state Department of Transportation was hit with the same situation last June. When legislature waited until the last day of the fiscal year to pass IDOT's capitol and operating budget.

IDOT is telling contractors that all construction work will end June 30th. Contractors will secure work zones to ensure driver safety. Brian Williamsen of IDOT wouldn't speak with us on camera, but did send a statement saying this will all happen unless a budget is approved.

So if you're driving through central Illinois, here are the projects that would be affected and what it could mean for your travel:
 I-74 between Knoxville and Peoria the $2.7 million guardrail replacement project-- would be suspended, even though it is scheduled to end mid-July. And on 474 in Tazewell County bridge work over the Illinois River would also be halted.
So would the replacement bridge project on Highway 16 over the Mackinaw River, as well as smaller projects in Peoria on Landcaster Rd. and on Alta Ln.

If the projects come to a halt, we're talking anything from driver's being inconvenienced to big headaches as motorists are forced into major detours.
Not to mention,30,000 highway workers who could be out of a job.
Now, we also reached out to the highway department for Tazewell county, to get their take on all this, but didn't get a response

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