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Floods in Normal stall cars

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When the roads flood it can be a very dangerous situation for drivers.

It can be even worse if storms hits after dark. 

Tow truck drivers were busy Saturday night.

As the rain fell, engines stalled.

Larry Brown and his tow crew, saved nine cars that stalled after driving through flooded streets and were blown off the road by the storm's strong winds. 

"Water is very strong it would take your car away. Just like it takes houses away and everything else, it can take anything away. It's an evil force," said Larry Brown with Brown Wrecker Service.

Brown said there is nothing more dangerous than underestimating mother nature and adds you shouldn't risk driving in bad weather. 

"Be aware of your surroundings and if you get a deluge of water on your windshield wiper you know there is going to be some flooding so be careful," said Brown.

Turn around, don't drown.

Now it might seem just like a phrase but it can actually save your life.

You never know just how deep the water in the road really is.

It is best to turn around and find an alternate route.

"Just stay in your car and call for help. Don't try to get out. Manhole covers sometimes come off in deep water and you can step and down you go. Be cautious when you get out of your car, if you get out at all," said Brown.

But depending on the severity of the situation Brown adds it's also best to call 911 and make them aware of your situation. 

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