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Storms rip through Central Illinois, causing damage to homes

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The storm Saturday night that ripped through Central Illinois left people without power, streets flooded and some homes were damaged. 
One home in Woodford County took a big hit after last nights storm.

The family says when the weather passed through it took no more than ten seconds to take down their entire garage.

It's a calm and peaceful area now but night a home in Woodford County was in the middle of a destructive storm. 

Elwood and Lois have lived in their home for a few years.

They say they were standing in their kitchen when the bad weather started to move in.

"everything went real real dark we didn't know if it was all water or what it was but it just sounded like there was a train in the area. The whole house started shaking," says Elwood Schoon. 

Their garage was destroyed.

The top of their barn was broken, leaving glass spread throughout the yard.

Trees were struck and left branches thrown in their fields.

He says they may have lost their garage, but this is nothing compared to what they went through years ago.

Elwood Schoon lost everything back in 2013 during the Washington tornado.

"we were hit again...its unfortunate, but we're happy we're still alive and well, god's been good to us," says Elwood Schoon. 

His son and daughter in law, helped him back in 2013.

Now, on Fathers Day, they spent hours helping him clean up again. 

"the devastation of his place was terrible. We were the first ones on his houses property and we were really in shock. This one isn't quite as bad it can be fixed. We're gonna start cutting up trees and we'll work till our backs can't take it any longer," says Denise Schoon, Elwood's daughter in law.

Elwood and Lois weren't the only ones left with damaged home after the storm.

At least a dozen other areas in Central Illinois were affected by it.

"there's things that cannot be replaced, but you learn to live without them. That's just part of life," says Elwood Schoon. 


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