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Community House for Police Opens in Bloomington

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Earlier today Bloomington police held the opening for their Community House, which is a way for officers to be in neighborhoods that need them most. The house is located on Jefferson Street, which is on the west side of Bloomington and known for it's higher crime rate compared to the rest of the Bloomington-Normal area.  Although the idea is to help prevent crime and make the community safer, those who oppose the house, are calling for a citizens review board.

Quincy Cummings, NAACP President in Bloomington, said "we don't want this to be an anti-police measure, but we want it to be a way for the community to actively engage and help the police improve in areas that need improvement." 

Ky Ajayi, Black Lives Matter Bloomington, said "policing affects everybody, if policing is more fair for one segment of society, then it is more fair for everyone, so it's in our interest as a community to have better policing.

the police are hoping that the house will allow them to become a part of the community and grow closer to the residents.

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