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Sen. Dick Durbin Speaks on Healthcare Cuts

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U.S. Senator Dick Durbin paid a visit to Bloomington High School to talk about President Trump's proposed budget. Durbin claims cuts within those budget along with efforts to repeal and replace the affordable care act would slash roughly 60 billion dollars from Illinois' medicaid program.

"if these cuts go through, its going to create a hardship because most of the services provided are mandated services-- either by federal law, state law or court order", said the Senator, "so, the school districts that are trying to help kids-- special needs children really have a continuing obligation to provide these services ."

As for the American Health Care Act that's already passed in the house, Senator Durbin says he hasn't seen the latest version in the senate yet.

HOI news did reach out to Republican Congressmen Darin Lahood and Rodney Davis for a comment, both declined, citing a need to be with family following the congressional shooting earlier this week.

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