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Moonlight basketball: Helping keep Peoria's youth safe

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PEORIA, Ill (HOI) -- -

Basketball. To some it's a child's game, but to many it's a sport that brings young men and women together in the spirit of competition.

Peoria's Moonlight Basketball League fosters more than just competition.

From 10PM to midnight, young men ages 18 to 26 and Moonlight alumni of various ages come together to battle on the court rather than battle in the streets.

"If we can get guys to come out and play basketball in those high, what we call peak hours of night for high, violent crime and when things like that are occurring, come here and engage in basketball, Moonlight basketball commissioner, Terry Burnside said. "Play some nice team ball. They won't have time for mischief."

The league was created about 25-years-ago and has recently been revived for today's youth. No matter where you come from or what side you're on, at Moonlight basketball everyone plays together as a team.

"Basketball is always the same, no matter where you go," Moonlight player, Charles Glass said. "So I think that's also a positive thing, just to have everybody at nighttime coming in after work, after school, doing something rather than being in the streets."

"You form a bond when you're playing basketball," Moonlight coach and alumni, Kenny Harris said. "You can come in here and it could be one of your enemies, and they be on your team. All that gets squashed when that ball get tipped up. You become the best of friends because you have to rely on each other to win."

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