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Chillicothe continues cleanup

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Storm damage cleanup continues in Chillicothe.

The roads are cleared, and power is being restored but homeowners aren't out of the woods yet. 

And for one neighbor the end is no where in sight as eight trees have fallen in his backyard.

William Daily has lived in his house for 5 years and said this is the worse wind damage he's seen.

One tree has completely been uprooted, the rest cut in half.      

The first one in his yard that came down crushed his neighbor's car. 

Daily said as he watched his yard get torn to shreds, he was most nervous when a few pieces started to hit his house.

"Well, like I said I was standing at the back door. I was hoping the house wasn't next. I didn't want the house to leave me, leave me standing," said Bill Daily of Chillicothe.

Daily said his house used to be a church in the early 50's and said supposedly that's why the house was left untouched.

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