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Livingston County to undergo gypsy moth treatment

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PONTIAC, Ill. (HOI) -- -

The Illinois Department of Agriculture will be spraying areas in Livingston County to kill an invasive insect species.

Gypsy moths kill trees and shrubs. They prey upon trees, stripping the plants bare and leaving them susceptible to disease and the surrounding environment. They will eat anything leafy and green, but prefer oak and willow trees. 

Acreage around Fairbury, Pontiac and Streator will be sprayed with Splat-O, an organic alternative to chemical pesticides. 

Residents of Livingston County in the affected areas must quarantine any nursery or lumber products coming out of the area. Vehicles, tents, outdoor lawn furniture, bikes and other outdoor items must also be inspected for moths, eggs or caterpillars before being moved. Anyone illegally moving items out of the area can be fined up to $500.

Call IDOA's DeKalb office at (815) 787-5476 for more information or questions. 

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