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Storm blows through Chillicothe, takes several trees

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The storm definitely left it's mark on Chillicothe early Wednesday evening.

A few people told us it felt more like a tornado. 

A brief, but powerful storm brought some strong winds to this section of Peoria County.

Reports of trees down, some blocking the road, some taking down power lines.

River Trail Road was completely blocked to traffic and city workers were out on scene quickly trying to clear a path. 

Neighbors on that street said they didn't even see it, it all happened so fast. 

"It felt like the roof was going to come off my house.  I was upstairs, it was like hitting it in waves," said Jerry Heath, a resident of Chillicothe.

"It started as like a first a brief storm, and then for a couple hours it was all calm and then it just came right there. First it was a big rain and then next thing you know here's the wind," said Cody Woodall.

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