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Stand Up for Social Justice protest federal budget

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The federal budget proposal is turning some heads in the twin cities. 

The activist group, Stand Up For Social Justice, battled the heat to protest out in of the Bloomington Center for Performing Arts to tell congress, hands off. 

Over 30 people gathered on the front lawn with signs asking the government to keep their hands off of social services, civil rights, and the national parks. 

One of the organizers said cuts to the vulnerable shouldn't even happen in a country like America.

"Unfortunately, they're grabbing all these benefits from sometimes, and very often the most vulnerable of Americans," said Linda Unterman, who helped organize the event.

"Civil rights is another one that is dear to my heart. Knowing that nobody's right's are safe unless everybody's are protected, and they aren't being protected now," said Bruce Lang, who braved the heat.

One protester said they wish they saw more compromise from both political parties, and they hope more third party ideas become mainstream.

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