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School's out, summer work is on

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Summer is nearly here and that means lots of college and high school students Looking for jobs.  Some began the search back in January while others haven't even started. 

College student Shaisa Pittman is working as an event coordinator here at Proctor Recreation Center.  Pittman says she looks forward to working over school break. 

"It keeps you active throughout the summer, it helps you have a source of income because when you get back to the fall you're focusing on academics, it's not easy to focus on finances also," she said.

Pittman like many students use the summer to try and earn as much cash as possible.  Next week many local high schools will be done with the school year, leaving them lots of free time during the day. 

In recent years the city of Peoria has hired teens for summer jobs but it's unclear if budget constraints will prevent that this time around.
Mayor Jim Ardis tells us he plans to bring back the eight week summer employment program.  Teens earn money while doing a variety of tasks.   But even with a good job program there are still many teens who don't get hired for a variety of reasons.  One rec center director says there are still options for teens who don't find a job.

"What I did with my kids when they were 14, 15 years old and too young to work, I had them volunteer at camps and different places in Peoria.   When they turned 16 they were able to find a job because they had been volunteering at that place for two years," said Proctor Center Director Jonell McCloud.

Peoria Park District still plans to fill nearly 200 jobs for the summer as the outdoor pool season prepares to open Memorial Day weekend.  If your passion is not swimming the park District says there are still other jobs available

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