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Rookie breaks through in Vegas

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Millions of people flock to Las Vegas every year. 

Hoping to come back with extra cash. 

One local guy, Jack Renfrow, did just that. 

Jack says that there is a huge pool community in Atlanta, Illinois. 

With dozens and dozens of games going on weekly.

That just might be how he got so good.    

He made his big break, in Vegas.

He's a rookie, started playing pool just under two years ago when he and his wife Betty put a table in their bowling alley, Red Wing Bowl.

Last week he competed in the American Pool Association National Championship. 

Today, Jack's the first in Logan County to place in the money, let alone win.

"once I won that first rack it set in that this could happen. My opponent scratched on the 8 cause I had a good defensive shot and that put me in the winners circle. A nice trophy and 24 carat gold ring and cash prize," says Jack Renfrow, the APA World Champion. 

His prizes are coming in the mail soon. 

He says it was extremely nerve racking being in a room with over three hundred pool tables. So, before it was his turn at the table he would calm himself by taking a nice deep breath. 

"I won a lot because my opponents were more nervous than I was especially in the championship," says Jack Renfrow. 

Jack says that this can happen to anyone. You don't have to play your whole life to win a title, he's living proof of that.  

He says his prize money will go in the bank, but he did buy himself a new cue. 


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