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Salvation Army celebrates successful year with special guest, Julianna Zobrist

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A famous face serenaded the crowd at the Salvation Army's annual community luncheon, Julianna Zobrist.

Although perhaps best known among Cubs fans as the wife of Eureka's own Ben Zobrist, Julianna is a celebrity in her own right as a christian singer, speaker, and author. She's also a busy mom who makes it a point to make time for her husband and children.

"Neither one of us would feel successful for us to achieve all these amazing things in our career and then look back at our family (and have it) fall apart. So we really hold onto that, putting one another first, and really fighting for that time and that love and just intentionality with each other," she explains. 

Something else she's intentional about? Putting God first and finding strength through faith, something she shared at the Salvation Army's annual Community Luncheon.

"Until you really know what's on the inside of you, and until you can really trust and believe what's on the inside, until that happens, then you can't step forward into the world with confidence and bravery," she shares as part of her overall message, which seemed to resonate with those who attended..

"She's a Christian artist, her and her husband are very Christ-centered, and we are a Christian organization and we don't apologize for that. It's part of what motivates us to serve those that are less fortunate," states Tri-County Coordinator, Major Jesse Collins.

The service they do locally relies heavily on volunteers, who Collins says make up much of their major workforce.

The annual community luncheon recognized some of those volunteers who've gone above and beyond, passed out several awards, and also raised money to continue serving people in our community in the future.

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