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Local high school hosts career fair

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PEORIA, Ill (HOI) -- -

Some of us know at a pretty early age what we want to be when we grow up.

For others, it can take a little time.

So one local high school is hoping to spark the excitement early, targeting both high school students and eighth graders.

A career fair was held Friday at East Peoria Community High School.

Around 70 companies were there to talk to the kids about various fields.

Some even offered hands-on opportunities.

"Some of the people that are hiring here they only require certain certification or just a high school graduate, many require college degrees. I want the kids to be able to walk away with the knowledge for what it's going to take for life beyond high school," said Lori Laredo, Assistant Superintendent, East Peoria Community High School.

"We had this going on sophomore year and we really didn't take it as serious because we were sophomores but now that we're seniors and we have to figure something out to do with our lives it's fantastic," said senior Piilani Noguchi.

This is the fifth year for the fair, which takes place every other year.

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