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EXCLUSIVE: An inside look at Komatsu

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PEORIA, Ill. (WEEK) -- -

By the middle of next year Caterpillar's new global headquarters will be fully operational in Deerfield.

But there's also another company in Peoria whose main office is up north.

That's Komatsu, the Peoria facility that's just about two miles from Big Yellow.

For decades, 2300 Northeast Adams street has been home to the Komatsu America Corporation.

The facility makes big electric-drive haul trucks that end up going all over the world.

Like any company involved with the mining industry, the past five years haven't been easy. 

 "We try to structure our business so that we can maintain our position in the market of course, but also have a strong commitment to the employees and to the community and try to sort of level out those cycles in the market," said Dan Funcannon, Vice President and General Manager of Mining Division.

Komatsu has more than 40 manufacturing facilities globally, the Peoria location opening its doors in the 1930's.

Funcannan says there are several reasons the company plans to stay in the Peoria area. One of those is the investments its made like the Peoria Parts Department.

He adds, "We're heavily involved with Junior Achievement, United Way, we have great relationships not just with the charitable organizations but also with the city of Peoria."

Funcannon says another aspect of why the company keeps its presence in Peoria is because there's a good quality of life for employees.

While the economy may have been sluggish, there's optimism for the market.

"Significant increase on 20% might sound like a big number, but we expect an increase in that demand and therefore the number of units produced here in the facility to have a fairly significant increase over the next couple of years, at least 10 or 15%," said Funcannon.

He says he has no major concerns for the company moving forward and adds that Peoria is home.

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