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Preschoolers release 6,000 ladybugs for Earth Day

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Tomorrow is Earth day, and to help celebrate, one preschool in Bloomington took a different approach to protecting the environment-- releasing 6,000 ladybugs. 

This year's Earth Day theme is environmental and climate literacy.Each year pre-schoolers at Chesterbrook Academy do something to make the earth a better place to live.

"It basically teaches the kids to get in contact with nature. We teach at a very young age to give back to the community and the earth in someway," said principal, Fran Birlingmair.

Before the students released the ladybugs on the trail, they learned about what they do. 

"They eat insects that tries to eat our flowers," said Ellie Fox.

The students dressed for the occasion, in costumes they designed themselves.Reacting excitedly as their teachers pour dozens of the bugs into their hands for their release. Some students thought the ladybugs were camera-ready.

"What was fun about the ladybugs is that they crawled on us, and that they were ticklish," said Jacob Erixson.

"I think the most exciting thing is getting to see their reaction especially from start to finish. They are sort of apprehensive at the beginning it's like 'oh my gosh I have to touch a bug, like what do I do? But by the end of it, they're like,'oh my goodness they're moving,'"said teacher, Anne Scharnett

 In the next couple of weeks, the preschoolers will be learning about more insects and will return to the trail to identify more creatures in the insect world. 

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