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Turn playing video games into a career!

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Your child may be able to take their love for video games and turn it into a career. 

Bloomington school district 87 hosted a family technology event Thursday night for grade school students who may have a bright future geared towards tech games and toys. 

The technology fair allowed kids to test out virtual reality, star in their own movies in front of a green screen and play with a gaming system. 

"maybe one day I wanna be a gamer. It has lots of games and you can learn about them. I learned about plants and you can go to contests," says Aaliyah Tillman, a 5th grader at the event.  

Students were able to build their own computers, take apart and re assemble house hold items and get a first hand look at the technology from the ISU solar car.

They also had a station where they could play with lego robotics and much more. 

"we could have kids come and get excited about using technology with all the STEM education that we know is occurring we know its really important to see positive uses for technology," says Chris Bohne, the event coordinator.  

Blake Heinlnen, a fourth grader at the event, says that he wants to be a programmer and create games when he grows up.

Although, there was on station that really caught his eye. 

"I like being hands on and deconstructing things! You can build it and go in reverse and see all the parts inside that make it do its work and then you get to put it back together," says Blake Heinlnen. 

The event had over three hundred people. 

It was primarily funded by State Farm.

District leaders hope to expand it further in the next couple years. 

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