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A wise lesson for Dunlap students attending prom

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DUNLAP, Ill. (WEEK) -- -

Eight percent of those who aren't even old enough to drink, do so and then get behind the wheel.

The Centers for Disease Control also says 20 percent of high schoolers get in a car with someone who's been drinking. That's why students at Dunlap High School were given a sobering lesson today.

It's peak prom and graduation season-- Dunlap High School's is on Saturday. A crash scene was staged to remind students what will happen if they decide to mix Saturday's celebration with drinking and driving.

"One of our worst fears is really getting that phone call either on a Monday or on the weekend that we won't have students returning because of an incident. It really hits a community hard when tragedy happens,"said Dunlap High School assistant principal, Marcus Belin.

"Operation Prom Night" puts students in drunk driving head on collision scenario, with injuries, and even a death. 

One student says the reenactment was definitely a wake up call.

"There was a very large sense of realism to it. Seeing my peers reenact this kind of thing here, it has a much bigger impact than seeing a video," said senior Nathan Cuizon.

According to the National Injury Prevention Foundation "Think First,"  over 5,000 teens die in motor vehicle crashes yearly.

"We just want kids to think first about any decisions they're making because it could truly impact their lives the lives of their friend and families," said Lisa Maynard of ThinkFirst. 

Assistant principal, Marcus Berlin says, he wants students to value their lives and enjoy their prom safely. 

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